Michelangelo (Mike) Volpi, Joost’s New CEO

Posted Jun 5, 2007

Joost[1], the streaming Internet TV service created by former Skype & KaZaa founders, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis has appointed a new CEO.  The former CEO, Fredrik de Wahl will be succeeding to a chief strategy officer position.  The new CEO is Mike Volpi, a former 13 year Cisco Systems veteran.  The latest position Volpi held at Cisco was Senior Vice President of the Routing and Service Provider Technology Group, a division with an $11 billion budget.

“Mike brings unparalleled leadership and technology expertise that will enable us to accelerate the growth of the company,” stated de Wahl. “I am excited to work with Mike, both because he is an exceptional leader and strategist, and because we share a common ambition for Joost.” 

Volpi was also a board member of Skype and has known the Joost founders for years.  Also, Volpi was responsible for over 70 acquisitions made by Cisco.  “Joost is one of the most exciting companies in the media industry. Fredrik and the Joost team have built a world-class ensemble of talent and created a company and a product with the potential to change the way video is enjoyed around the world. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this team as the company embarks on its next critical stage of development,” stated Volpi.

Joost has recently raised $45 million in funding from various sources including Sequoia Capital.

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[1] Joost.com
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