Microsoft Acquiring Musiwave For Mobile Music Entertainment Purposes

Posted Nov 12, 2007

“Microsoft and Musiwave share the same philosophy in working with hardware and mobile operator partners to deliver great experiences for mobile device users.”

“Bringing Musiwave on board would provide an opportunity for Microsoft to explore new areas in the mobile space previously untapped, and to showcase the power of software plus services. This contemplated acquisition reflects Microsoftâ??s recognition of the software and technology expertise in Europe.”
-Pieter Knook, Senior VP of Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft Corporation announced today that they are entering an exclusive deal to acquire Musiwave, an Openwave subsidiary. Musiwave is a mobile music provider. Musiwave designs software and develops marketing tools for media companies.

“Musiwave would bring key assets to us as we continue to bring our vision of Connected Entertainment to life,” stated J Allard, Corporate VP of Design and Development, in the Entertainment and Devices Devision at Microsoft. “Its software expertise and extensive relationships with operators and music companies would help us take our products and services to the next level, giving people access to whatever entertainment content they want, whenever and however they want it.”

Musiwave already has numerous relationships established with music labels and device makers. For example, Musiwave has a partnership with T-Mobile to power their new Mobile Jukebox service. T-Mobile Mobile Jukebox is powered by Universal Music Group, SONY BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Music, and Warner Music. Musiwave also has partnerships with T-Mobile Czech Republic, Orange UK, 3 Italia, and Vodafone UK.

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