Microsoft Bringing A Little Bit Of Web 2.0 To Sharepoint, A Collaborative Corporate Tool

Posted Oct 17, 2007

“Companies of all sizes are turning to SharePoint as the foundation for social computing and Enterprise 2.0.”
-Dave Keller, General Manager of Enterprise at NewsGator

From what I’ve observed, corporations that depend on Microsoft Outlook as their primary e-mail software also use Microsoft Sharepoint.  Sharepoint is a tool that is very wiki-like.  Users that have Sharepoint usually start forums that only certain teams of a corporation have access to. 

For example, let’s say that I’m a Human Resources representative and I recently hired some new employees.  I would use Sharepoint as a hub for the new hire documentation and give permission to the new employees to access the content.  Sharepoint is a place where users can upload documents and also is generally used for forums, especially within teams of major corporations.

Today Microsoft announced that they signed a partnership with Atlassian Software Systems Pty. Ltd., an Australian company that is known as a top wiki provider.  Microsoft also signed a deal with NewsGator Technologies, Inc. NewsGator is an RSS company that develops and markets RSS feeds for end users of all types.  Through the partnership, NewsGator would generate RSS feeds on the web, on Microsoft Outlook, and on mobile devices using Mac and Windows operating systems.

“Companies of all sizes are turning to SharePoint as the foundation for social computing and Enterprise 2.0,â? said Dave Keller, general manager for Enterprise at NewsGator. â??NewsGator Social Sites builds on this foundation and delivers the essential components for driving portal usage and widespread collaboration.”

For screen shots of the application, check out ReadWriteWeb.

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