Microsoft Building Google Analytics Competition: Gatineau

Posted Jan 11, 2007

Ian Thomas, a Microsoft employee confirmed that the rumors are true.  Microsoft adCenter Labs is currently working on a new web analytics software that has the code name, Gatineau.  This new software is going to be Microsoft’s answer to Google Analytics.  As of right now, the software is under closed Alpha and only limited customers may access the service.

According to Thomas’ blog post, Gatineau’s technology is based from DeepMetrix Corp.  Microsoft acquired DeepMetrix last year for an undisclosed amount.  ‘Gatineau’ is the name of the city in Canada where DeepMetrix was based at one point.  The final name of the upcoming product is not yet known.

The project is expected to go into Beta soon and Ian Thomas mentioned that if you contact him, you could be considered fror an invitation.  The e-mail contact is Ian DOT Thomas AT microsoft DOT com.

The functionality of the software has not yet been revealed, but the product should be releasing before the end of the year.  The product information may be subject to change before release.