Microsoft Launches Windows Live Translate URL Beta

Posted Sep 9, 2007

Microsoft has successfully launched a translation service. And they did it while attuning to the consistent architecture: the use of panes. If you look at many of the other Live services such as Windows Live Mail, users are given the option to change pane-views.

Below is a screen shot sample of Windows Live Translate converting one of Pulse 2.0’s latest posts from English to Spanish:

And for a more zoomed in screen shot of the translation page:

Microsoft has several URLs linking to the translation service and they include:
The translation software is produced by Systran and can be purchased at prices ranging from $49-$799.

Google has had translation services for some time now and sprinkles the feature along side some of the searched pages that are in different languages. If the article or website is in a different language than the default language Google homepage that is being used, then a link will appear by the side of the search saying “Translate this Page.” But the oldest translating web site that I have known and is still very much alive today is AltaVista’s Babelfish. I wouldn’t have gotten through Spanish courses in high school with Babelfish.

[Information Source: LiveSide]