Microsoft Office Live is Now Out of Beta

Posted Nov 15, 2006

“Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Microsoft® Office Live in the United States at after being in beta for nine months, and its free beta availability in Japan, France, the U.K. and Germany on Nov. 21 [source].” This announcement arrives one day after the release of portable music player, Microsoft Zune.

Microsoft Office Live is a one-stop shop for getting businesses online. There are methods of easy website development, the ability to retrieve advanced website traffic reports, easy creation of personalized e-mails, tracking sales leads and keeping them organized, advertising through Microsoft adCenter, and can even help businesses place inventory on eBay smoothly using Office Accounting Expression 2007.

“Most small businesses lack IT expertise,” said Rajesh Jha, a corporate VP for Microsoft Office Live. “Office Live is a one-stop shop that levels the playing field for companies with 10 or fewer employees by providing software and services that make a big difference; Office Live can impact business growth and profitability. Small businesses that sign up for Microsoft Office Live will now find it easier and cheaper than ever before to build and manage their business online. Iâ??m confident that our industry partners will do a fantastic job of helping customers get started on Office Live.”

Microsoft Office Live is not an online version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office Live is more like an online business development center that has attracted over 190,000 businesses and is now supported by major electronic retailers such as Best Buy, Toshiba, and Sony. Microsoft Office Live Basic is available for free, but can pay for advanced services for $19.95/month and premium services for $39.95/month.