Microsoft Opening A Zune Plant In China

Posted May 14, 2007

In an effort to compete with Apple’s iPod, Microsoft is looking into real estate in The People’s Republic of China.  There will be multiple versions of the Microsoft Zune appearing by the next holiday and so opening a massive distribution and manufacturing center will be necessary.

By June, Microsoft expects to have sold 1 million Zunes.  Microsoft is also expected to be switching production of the XBox from Hungary to China.

In related news, one of the innovators of both the Microsoft XBox and Microsoft Zune lost a bet to N’Gai Croal, a general editor at Newsweek.  Microsoft’s J. Allard bet that the Sony Playstation 2 would sell more units than the Sony PSP.  For losing the bet, Allard is now wearing dreadlocks on his biography page: