MillionDollarAvatar: Similar Idea, Different Concept

Posted Mar 5, 2007

Remember Alex Tew, the MillionDollarHomepage inventor?  MillionDollarHomepage worked well, but Tew’s second idea, Pixelotto, not so much.  The concept of this idea was to sell advertisement pixels at a certain price.  MillionDollarHomepage was at $1 / pixel and Pixelotto was for more.  Now there is a similar idea in the works and focuses on web avatars.

MillionDollarAvatar (MDA) membership is free for now, but accepts charitable donations.  Placing an avatar on MillionDollarAvatar in the future may have an annual fee.  The idea is a bit of a mash-up of the MillionDollarHomepage and Yahoo!’s MyBlogLog.

“Every 24 hours display 100 random avatars on the homepage. Every 5 minutes display 100 random avatars on the backpage. Every day generate ‘The Daily 20‘ – a random selection of member sites and create a subscription feed for users to subscribe to via email or their RSS reader,” according to MillionDollarAvatar’s How it Works page.  Kevin of MDA plans on donating 10% of money earned to Live Strong.