MixerCast Raises $2.6 Million From ComVentures

Posted May 11, 2007

MixerCast is a San Mateo based company that has just made itself public and out of stealth mode. The company has raised a first round of funding from ComVentures at an amount of $2.6 million. MixerCast allows users to import content from Flickr, YouTube, Photobucket, GettyImages, Muze etc. to create a mix of content in the form of Flash videos. The video concoction can be exported to blogs and social networks like MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, and Blogger. SplashCast is a similar concept.

MixerCast has deals with major players in the music industry such as Muze and Universal so that users can benefit from the ability import popular music into their video slideshows. MixerCast is headed by Jennifer Cooper, a former Executive Director of Media, Entertainment and Finance at Yahoo!. The company also has offices in Pune, India.

ComVentures is also an investor in FilmLoop. ComVentures invested $7 million in FilmLoop last year.
[Source: SiliconTap]