Money Waster: Dress Your Avatars In Giorgio Armani For Second Life

Posted Sep 26, 2007

I first heard about this on ValleyWag and I had to agree that this belongs under their tag, WTF. “Now avatars can get decked out in Armani duds — horridly pixelated Second Life versions of them, anyway — and if they so desire, connect directly with the online store to spend money on actual goods,” stated ValleyWag writer, Mary Jane Irwin.

I refuse to ever sign up for a Second Life account because I think the whole idea of building relationships between other people on the Internet through the form of avatars is just sickening. Buying stuff with actual money for your avatar is also sickening. I think that its stupider than the idea of the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books that were hot in the 90’s. And now Armani is giving us the option to not only buy stuff, but actually buy luxury stuff for virtual reality characters.

My advice to today’s youth or grown-men that find themselves registering characters on Second Life and buying them clothes from Armani’s Second Life store, please look in the mirror and re-examine your life. It is probably best that you reacquaint yourself with nature. Just imagine if you fast-forward 50-75 years from now and you are on your death-bed, but the only thing you remember doing with your life is living the life of a virtual reality character and buying it consumer merchandise–you probably wouldn’t think much of yourself. Get a hobby and socialize with people that you actually know for crying out loud.

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