Morpheus Parent Company Suing Joost

Posted May 23, 2007

“We are taking action because we believe the rights to the Skype and FastTrack technologies were swept out from under our feet, and our 28 million Morpheus users were stolen from us,” stated Michael Weiss, the CEO for StreamCast Networks Inc. “The real story needs to be told[1].”

StreamCast believes that Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, founders of KaZaa, Skype, and Joost secretly transferred away technology rights away to FastTrack technology. “The sale of Skype to eBay was made possible through a scheme by many of the defendants to misappropriate the FastTrack peer-to-peer technology that rightfully belongs to StreamCast[2],” stated the outside Counsel of StreamCast, Dan Woods.

According to CNET[3], Joost has just been added in the list of defendants that StreamCast is chasing after. KaZaa, a file sharing software, faced numerous battles against the RIAA. Mark Gorton, founder of Limewire and Tower Research Capital[4] is now facing a similar battle[5].

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