Mozilla Firefox Achieves 400 Million+ Browser Downloads

Posted Sep 7, 2007

Mozilla Firefox has just 400 million downloads. Firefox is certainly becoming a browser of choice for many Internet users with a 14.55% market-share. And this is while Microsoft Internet Explorer comes bundled with the Windows operating system. Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross founded Firefox through the Mozilla project that was sponsored by Netscape. Netscape and Mozilla’s relationship turned sour because Mozilla wanted to be an open source project where a community of external contributors can help with the development whereas Netscape’s agenda was only to use inside employees. The problem is that the inside employees were controlled by product managers with no clear direction.

Around mid-2001, Netscape had laid off many employees and Mozilla was able to get independence as a non-profit organization. When Firefox 1.0 shipped, over a million downloads were made on the first day, 10 million downloads in 10 days, and 100 million donwloads after about a year.

Blake Ross is now a Facebook employee since the social network bought his company, Parakey. Mozilla Firefox 3.0 specifications are on the Mozilla wiki page.

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