MPAA Wants Google To Fight Piracy in China

Posted Jan 11, 2007

It was 5 days ago that Google Inc. had confirmed its investment into Xunlei Network Technology Company and now the MPAA is persuading Google to crack down piracy in China.

Xunlei develops software that allows users to download pirated movies.  In the MPAA’s battle to crackdown copyright infringement, the agency has won cases against several companies, including Inc.  Xunlei has 120 million users.

“We’re going to see more lawsuits involving online copyright infringements because Internet companies are making more money and more people are using the Internet,” stated Jasper Zhang, who is a partner at the Zhong Lun Law Firm in Shanghai, China. “Laws and regulations aren’t going to stop piracy overnight.”

In defense of the Chinese company, Xunlei spokesperson Jackson Zhang mentioned that Xunlei does not upload the videos, only provides the P2P software.  Beijing, China Google representative, Marsha Wang reassured that “We’re very serious about respecting copyright.”

Google bought a stake in Xunlei to take on, the largest China-based search engine.

[Source: Bloomberg]