Mpire Unleashes eBay Pop, An eBay Trend Tracker

Posted Nov 5, 2006

Mpire, a website that focuses on providing products that offers an insight of trends that are being set online has recently launched eBay Pop which is currently in Beta. “eBay Pop is a beta site that captures some of the buying buzz, popular trends and fun things happening on eBay [source].”

Here is a screenshot of the Movers & Shakers section of the website:

As you may be able to tell, you can filter the movers and shakers by the different topics that are listed in the orange portion which include Fashion, Tech Gadgets, Seasonal, Sports, DVDs/CDs, Toys, and Vintage Cool.

eBay Pop also features a Headlines section that contains relevant news that may set trends. For example, currently on the homepage, there is an article about the “Ugly Troll Dolls Making a Comeback.” The site also contains articles written by eBay Pop staff, Head-to-Head voting polls, games including guessing how much an item is worth, a featured hot item (which is currently Elmo TMX, the 10th anniversary edition of Tickle-Me-Elmo selling for an average of $108.13), a community section that contains blogs and wikis, and lastly a quick description of what celebrity-related products are selling quickly such as Beatles t-shirts.

Mpire was created by Dave Cotter and Greg Harrison. The current CEO of Mpire is Matt Hulett, a former President for the corporate travel division of Expedia Inc. Hulett was also a founder partner of AtomFilms and was also the President of Atom Entertainment, a company bought by Viacom for $200 million and was backed by Macromedia and Sequoia Capital.