MyBlogLog Announce Upcoming Feature Improvements

Posted May 14, 2007

There are some very exciting changes coming with Yahoo!’s MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog is a service that focuses on building a community of friends around blogs. MyBlogLog is famous for the widget that displays who the most recent visitors were on a blog in the form of avatars. As you will notice, we have the widget on our sidebar.

Some of the upcoming changes may include a website redesign, a new widget, a new branding strategy, and faster performance. There will also be an increase in privacy settings.

One feature that I think will be great if implemented is real-time messaging. Let’s suppose that I am logged into my account and someone is visiting my blog at that current moment. A message should appear stating “this user is logged on now” and provide me the ability to message that user would be an amazing feature. Of course, this would require tons of server power though.

There aren’t any details out on when the changes will take place, but I’ll assume before the end of the summer.