MyBuys Raises $10 Million Series B

Posted Oct 8, 2007

“MyBuys can make your advertising spend much more efficient. By capturing the interest of consumers while they shop during ‘seducible moments’ we ensure the ability not only to follow up, but to do so in a powerfully relevant way,” says the MyBuys Acquire page.

MyBuys points out that many website traffic controllers spend lots of money on banners and SEO, but many visitors look around then leave. MyBuys insists that they have just the right model to keep customers on your site and possibly see an increase in sales.

MyBuys announced recently that they have raised $10 million in Series B led by Palomar Ventures and joined by Lightspeed Venture Partners. MyBuys’ model is described as a 1:1 behavioral service that finds a way to target customers while shopping and follow up with emails and RSS feeds.

MyBuys is based in Redwood City, Calif. and is managed by Robert Cell (CEO), Mark Weiler (VP of Engineering), and Paul Rosenblum (VP of Marketing).