MySpace Now Has Presidential Candidate Profiles: Impact Channel

Posted Mar 18, 2007

MySpace has announced yesterday that they would be launching an “Impact Channel” where users can read the biography of various presidential candidates, add them as friends on MySpace, watch their MySpace videos, and of course: comment on their profiles. The Impact Channel will feature the profiles of 10 presidential candidates, five of them Democrats and five of them Republicans.

The homepage of the Impact Channel contains monthly categories where users can discuss political issues. This month’s category is Health & Safety. The homepage also has a section where users can nominate and vote for their favorite candidates in the form of MySpace Impact Awards.

“Our digital candidates banner will be the yard signs of the 21st Century and our political viral videos and vlogs (video blogs) are the campaign ads of the futures,” stated Chris DeWolfe, one of the MySpace co-founders.

The Impact Channel doesn’t just feature videos of presidential candidates, it also features videos that are relevant to various political issues. One of the more entertaining videos I noticed was a Stop Global Warming video by the Blue Man Group: