Vs. Lawsuit Settled

Posted May 31, 2007

On the right corner and weighing at 90 million lbs. is the Web 2.0 social network juggernaut,[1]. And on the left corner, we have[2], a company that had dominated the world of Web 1.0 in the late 90s. The battle is regarding spam.

MySpace claimed that in June 2006, sent out nearly 400,000 unsolicited messages to MySpace users from 95 or more fake accounts. MySpace accused Inc. for violating the CAN-SPAM Act and the California Business & Professions Code Section 17529.5.

MySpace was entitled to $5.5 million in damages from According to the press release[3], “This is the first court ruling in the United States enforcing a liquidated damages provision such as that found in MySpaceâ??s Terms of Use.”

“This ruling sets a new precedent enabling us to further protect our members from phishing and spam,” stated Hemanshu Nigam, the chief security officer at MySpace. “We hope it sends a strong message that MySpace will take aggressive steps to stop those who violate the law and damage our membersâ?? experience.”

Currently, takes a user to the homepage of Tralliance (“travel alliance”), a company that owns the domains, and

[3] Business Wire: MySpace and The Announce Settlement