Neighboroo: A Neighborhood Heat Map Demographic Analyzer

Posted Nov 9, 2006

Neighboroo is a searchable map that provides statistics on the demographics of the zip codes in America. These demographics include lifestyle, political status, crime rate, elementary school rank, air quality, average home price, average apartment rent, cost of living, population density, percentage of different races, and various other features. These features are articulated by heat maps. For example, Republican-dominated areas were highlighted in red and Democratic-dominated areas were highlighted in blue. There is a color guide that shows what the different colors on the heat map indicate. I had as much fun looking as miscellaneous data on Neighboroo as I enjoyed looking around for maps on Google Earth.

Users can search by City/State or by zip code, but zip code searches are the most effective. Here is a screenshot of the neighborhood lifestyle of Ann Arbor, MI, the hometown of the founders of Pulse 2.0 and also a major university town:

Ann Arbor is also the home of a future major Google office.

Neighboroo also allows knowledgable users that can contribute data on their neighborhoods to submit information. These users would be called Guroos. Neighboroo will be releasing new features soon also. “Upcoming ones should include greater ability to zoom closer in the map view, and the ability to drill into metro areas [source].”

The creators of Neighboroo are currently unknown, but will provide an update on this post and future Neighboroo posts when we find out who created this site.