News Corp. & NBC Announce Anti-YouTube Partnership

Posted Mar 22, 2007


The LA Times is reporting that News Corp. and NBC are plotting a challenge against YouTube with their own online video website. At this point, I just have to ask… Where is it? It seems like it is all talk. MySpace did a pretty good job with developing their own video player, but it seems like it is too late for it to be a “YouTube killer.” Besides, YouTube seems to be a different demographic than those who would like to watch full episodes of ’24,’ ‘Heroes,’ ‘Family Guy,’ etc. If people enjoy these shows, they may as well watch it on TV. The reason why YouTube is a hit is because of videos like these:
And not because you will temporarily find full-episodes of The Office.

News Corp and NBC is asking for help from Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, and MySpace. “The media companies don’t want to be forced to only work with one distribution entity, in Google,” stated UBS Warburg analyst, Aryeh Bourkoff. “I don’t think it’s too late.” Viacom last week announced that they were suing Google for…. $1 billion dollars because of YouTube copyright infringement.

[Source: Mashable]