News Corp. & NBC Confirm Upcoming Video Website

Posted Mar 22, 2007

“This will be the largest advertising platform on Earth” stated Peter Chernin, President and COO of News Corp. on a media call that was reported on TechCrunch.  What Chernin is referring to is a future product announcement in collaboration with some of the leading media and Internet giants: News Corporation (owner of MySpace), NBC, FOX, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!.  Advertisers that are already wanting in on the upcoming video website includes Cadbury Schweppes, Cisco Systems,, Intel, and GM.

“This is a game changer for Internet video,” stated Chernin. â??Weâ??ll have access to just about the entire U.S. Internet audience at launch. And for the first time, consumers will get what they want — professionally produced video delivered on the sites where they live. Weâ??re excited about the potential for this alliance and weâ??re looking forward to working with any content provider or distributor who wants to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.â?

When the video website launches, full episodes and clips of TV shows and movies like 24, Heroes, My Name is Earl, SNL, The Simpsons and movies Devil Wears Prada, Borat, and Little Miss Sunshine will appear on the website.

This partnership is completely aligned with our continued investment in video on MSN and will allow hundreds of millions of our consumers to tune into a vast library of high-quality, safe and legal online video, stated Kevin Johnson, the President of Platform and Services Division at Microsoft Corporation. â??Our alliance proves that you can deliver quality online video entertainment and protect intellectual property and copyright at the same time. We look forward to working together to explore additional opportunities to distribute this content across other Microsoft services and devices.â?

The content will be delivered to users on News Corp.’s MySpace as well.  MySpace has 65 million users that will have access to the media content.  “The ability to embed video clips within over 160 million profile pages will empower members of the MySpace community to view, share and truly interact with some of the entertainment worldâ??s most popular content,” stated Peter Levinsohn, President of Fox Interactive Media.

The name of the new video website is unknown, but Google executives have coined the gigantic media partnership, “Clown Co.”  I guess that is Google’s executive response to Steve Ballmer’s (CEO of Microsoft) statement: “Google built one very good business. They only have one thing they do. Everything else is sort of cute.”