News Corp, NBC, Viacom wants $150,000 per unauthorized video from YouTube

Posted Oct 16, 2006

According to the Wall Street Journal,  just a few days after the YouTube acquisition, a number of large media companies including News Corp, NBC, and Viacom are coming together to probe the video sharing site’s use of unauthorized copyrighted content. This should come as no surprise because YouTubeâ??s users are known for sharing copyrighted material.

These media companies want to charge YouTube $150,000 per copyrighted video. I think they want to charge so much because they are well aware of the fact that Google is loaded. Although $150,000 is a little out there.

This is possibly a way for the media giants to force YouTube into licensing deals through legal means. Considering the number of copyrighted vides on YouTube, $150,000 a video can add up fast. Therefore, YouTube has to settle these lawsuits by forming licensing deals to avoid damages. Or else Google may end up losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of YouTubeâ??s copyright infringements.