News Start-Up, The Politico Now Being Published in USA Today

Posted Apr 23, 2007

The Politico launched in January 2007 and had a mission to be the ultimate source of presidential campaign coverage. The Politico’s parent company is Capitol News, LLC and is managed by President and CEO, Frederick J. Ryan Jr. The company was started by two journalists who left The Washington Post and since then they have signed a partnership with USA Today. USA Today will publish articles on their website published by The Politico in their Political News section:

As of right now, The Politico is staffed by authors who have previously worked for Time Magazine, The Associated Press, and The Wall Street Journal. The Politico will provide 15 articles per week for USA Today.

Quotes about the partnership from those involved:
â??I think itâ??s a plus for the paper. This is a time when a lot of publications are cutting back on their reporting resources, so the idea that we would be adding resources, even indirectly, is a wonderful thing.â?
-Kathy Kiely, author of Congress for USA Today

â??We need to deepen our coverage online, where there is an expectation of 24-hour timeliness.â?
-Kinsey Wilson, Co-Executive Editor of USA Today in response to the new initiative not being a cost-cutting effort, but more of a circulation effort.

[Information Source: NY Times]