Notefish: An Awesome Online Organization Tool

Posted Apr 27, 2007

Yesterday evening was the SF Beta conference and one of the attendees was Eugene Mizin.  Eugene Mizin is the founder of and is also a Senior Product Manager at CNET. 

What is Notefish?  It makes research conducted on the Internet a bit easier to preserve.  The Notefish logo is a cartoon fish made out of stick notes which I thought was clever and very Web 2.0ish.  Creating an account is free and the plugin is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

After users install the plugin and create an account, they are then asked to create a page.  I am calling my page, Testing:

After the new page is created, then it is suggested that you add tags associated with the page so it is easier to search for later.  You can store notes in any page.  These notes can be typed on your own or you could highlight anything on any website and then click on the icon next to your address bar.  The content will then be saved to the page of your choice on Notefish:
1.) Highlight

2.) Click the icon [the pop-up may have you log-in]

3.) And presto!  Its been saved:

This website is clearly a lot more useful for educational purposes but it can still be used for other multiple purposes such as information-sharing for companies.  It seems a bit easier than creating wikis.

[Website tipped by Mo Kakwan, Pulse 2.0 Silicon Valley correspondent]