Now Has a Job Board

Posted Mar 13, 2007

I recently received an e-mail from the founder and CEO of, a leading technology experts interviews website, about the opening of their job boards. Upon realizing that the job board market is getting a bit crowded, the founder of, Nathan Kaiser decided to focus his job board on mainly technology startup companies.  Currently, there are over 300 listings from many well known startups and the startups that are just blossoming.

Given the current state of economy, finding a job seems tougher than it used to be a few years back so the existence of job boards like nPost’s are becoming even more important.  Below is a screen shot of the user interface of’s job board:

Jobs can be sorted by title, company name, location, and the date that the job was posted.

I first wrote about nPost around October and I still see the website as a great resource to learn from the interviews of some of the leading technology experts.  For a complete listing of all the interviewees, refer to the nPost Interviews page.

For those who are looking to hire or to be hired, give’s job board a visit today.  There are also several nPost events taking place within the next few months in the Seattle, Oregon, and Vancouver region.