Oracle Launches 10 New Cloud Services At OpenWorld

Posted Sep 25, 2013

Oracle Corporation has announced several new products and services at their OpenWorld conference.  While Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO) was watching America’s Cup, a popular sailing competition sponsored by Oracle, the company announced that they added 10 cloud services to their portfolio.  Larry Ellison skipped the quarterly earnings conference call last week to watch America’s Cup also.  The Oracle Team USA sailboat won their 7th consecutive race against New Zealand recently as well.  Earlier this month, Oracle Team USA broke some rules in the competition and received several penalties.

These new services include compute cloud, object storage cloud, Java cloud, database cloud, business intelligence cloud, mobile cloud, documents cloud, database backup cloud, billing cloud, revenue management cloud, and cloud marketplace.

Oracle is stepping up their competition with companies like and Amazon Web Services through the new services, according to VentureBeat.  The compute cloud and object storage cloud can be compared to Amazon Services.  Oracle’s cloud marketplace looks similar to the Salesforce App Exchange.  However, Oracle has partnered with their competition for cloud products.  Oracle partnered with Microsoft and back in June.  Oracle software can be installed on Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure. also agreed to standardize on the Oracle Linux operating system.

The Oracle Cloud supports 9 million users and 19 billion transactions per day.  Their Cloud runs on 7,000 servers and they have 13 data centers across the world.