Orbitfiles: Share and store 1GB of files for free!

Posted Oct 7, 2006

Initially you may think that for a company that offers a service that allows you to host 1GB of files for free, may be a sham, but as far as Orbitfiles is concerned, nearly 58,000 users in 5 months of existence can?t be wrong.

I signed up with an account to explore some of the features surrounding Orbitfiles and it appears that you are assigned a folder on the Orbitfiles web server when you create an account and can upload multiple files at a time with a 30MB limit on each file you upload. In the parent folder that is assigned to your Orbitfiles account, you can create child folders as well which I thought is nice, bonus feature. The UI of the file management system on Orbitfiles allows you to easily zip, move, and delete files as well.

Some of the product and service names around Orbitfiles revolve around prominent Greek mythology figures. For example, a cool product that I would like to highlight is called Hercules. Hercules Uploader is a product in which the user can set a time to upload files automatically from their hard drivers to Orbitfiles. I was definetely impressed by this.

Orbitfiles also uses Greek mythology names in their upgrade plans as well. To be able to upload 50GB, users pay a $20 fee for the Zeus Plan. For 20GB, its $10/year for the Apollo Plan. Payment deposits for these plans can be made via Paypal and e-gold. After doing a little bit of research, I was able to determine that these prices are quite unbeatable.

Orbitfiles was founded by two below 30 individuals. Elias Chelidonis, 28, is the CEO who holds a B.A. in Management from University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and an MBA in International Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, USA. Another co-founder of Orbitfiles is Head Of Technology, 23 year old Andrei Nakhabov. Together, there?s no telling what these individuals are capable of.