Outside.in Brings In $1.5 Million Funding

Posted Oct 10, 2007

Brooklyn, N.Y. based web company, Outside.in announced today that they have raised $1.5 million in funding. With this round of funding, the company plans on developing a geo-targeted advertising platform.

Steven Berlin Johnson started the company last year and raised $900,000 last Spring. Some of the investors for the $1.5 million round includes Union Square Ventures, Milestone Ventures, George Crowley, John Seely Brown, Esther Dyson, and John Borthwick. Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape participated in the seed funding, but not in this round of funding.

Outside.in auto-detects your location when you enter their URL into your browser. When I typed in the URL from my apartment in Minneapolis, I was relocated to: http://outside.in/Minneapolis. This connected me to news about the 35W Bridge and an article that relates to a police chasing a criminal from St. Paul to Minneapolis.

The site also shows nearby bloggers/local experts that provides information related to the city that one belongs to. This is a neat concept because it is the locals that select what content is relevant. Outside.in even has an iPhone-compatible version of the site.

Outside.in is expected to also make a major announcement this week so stay tuned.

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