Pando Hits 2 Million Downloads

Posted Jan 6, 2007

Pando Networks Inc., a P2P company has surpassed 2 million installs of their software today.  The software allows users to send and receive large files that are up to 1GB.

“Web users are drawn to Pando because we built a peer-to-peer file-sharing application that seamlessly integrates with the most popular online communication tools such as email, IM, podcasting, blogs and RSS,” stated Robert Levitan, the CEO of Pando. “As such, Pando’s accelerated growth from 1 million to 2 million users in less than four months occurred because people are not only using Pando to send files up to 1GB by email and IM but also to post content to Web pages.”

There isn’t a limit to the type of files that can be sent through Pando.  Many users use the service to transfer home videos, folders of photos, and other business documents to people that have e-mail addresses.

Pando has a plethora of plugins that make using the service widely accessible.  The Skype plugin allows Pando users to transfer files through Skype services and to subscribe to video RSS feeds within Skype.  The Pando Email Plugin gives users the ability to attach and send large files through GMail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Microsoft Outlook without clogging inboxes.  For Yahoo! Messenger users, there is also a plugin where folders and files can be shared with other Yahoo! Contacts.  Pando is also able control LAN file transfer with password protection and data encryption. 

To learn more about Pando and the management behind the company, refer to the “About Pando” page.