Passenger Rides the $12.5 Million (Series A+Series B) Train

Posted Aug 7, 2007

Passenger is a Software-as-a-Service company that allows customers to interact with their customers and announced today that they have raised $8.3 million. in Series B. According to Dan Beldy of Steamboat Ventures, Passenger allows “companies redefine their customer relationships by fundamentally changing the way consumers are able to communicate with their brands.”

Some of Passenger’s clients include ABC, Coca-Cola, and Sara Lee. These clients pay Passenger to set up networks for them and get the users to sign up via email invitations or banner ads. According to Red Herring, ABC Studios used Passenger software to “gather viewer opinions on the plotlines of Ugly Betty and Lost.

The Series B funding was led by Steamboat Ventures, Shelter Capital Partners, and StarVest Partners. The Series A round of funding was $4.2 million and was provided by Shelter Capital Partners.

Passenger enables clients to set-up live sessions where users can engage in conversation with brand reps. Passenger also allows easy to setup Discussions, Polls, Activities, Message Centers (allows members to exchange files), client dashboards, and a social network.

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