PayPal and Skype Interconnecting

Posted Mar 22, 2007

Two of eBay’s most expensive properties, PayPal ($1.5 billion in stock) and Skype ($2.6 billion in cash and stock) are now going to start interconnecting.  This means that Skype users will be able to send money to each other via PayPal.  This was announced by Niklas Zennström yesterday.

Although the announcement was made, as far as when the service would be available is still unknown.  Zennström made the announcement at a technology conference in California.  Skype has millions of global users.  The release dates are expected to be announced within a month.

“You can send money over Skype,” stated Zennström. “This is basically connecting the Skype community over PayPal. All the user needs is a PayPal account.”

Skype has over 171 million registered users over countries all over the world and PayPal is constantly expanding to global markets.  PayPal has 114 million customers as of October 2006 over 103 markets and 17 different currencies [Source: Pulse 2.0].

[Article Source: Red Herring]