Photobucket Makes A Truce With MySpace

Posted Apr 24, 2007

Alex Welch, the CEO and Co-Founder of Photobucket announced that their videos will now be reappearing on MySpace once again. Earlier this month, I wrote about the videos being taken down because Photobucket was supposedly violating MySpace’s terms of service. People were concerned whether Photobucket would have as many hits without MySpace’s backing.

Photobucket has 40 million users and close to 2.8 billion images uploaded so far. MySpace receives over 90 million visitors every month.

“Following discussions with MySpace, weâ??re pleased to announce that all Photobucket videos and remixes are enabled once more on MySpace with immediate effect. Both our companies are committed to putting our users first,” wrote Welch on the Photobucket blog. “Moving forward, weâ??ve established open lines of communication and procedures with MySpace to prevent a sudden block of Photobucket content in future. We want our users to be able to share their content and understand it must be within the framework of MySpaceâ??s Terms of Service for it to appear on the site.”

This is great news for Photobucket and MySpace. MySpace users enjoy having Photobucket widgets.