Photobucket: Now 30 Million Users Strong

Posted Dec 2, 2006

Laura M. was the 30 millionth registered user of Photobucket, the website that promotes the sharing and publishing of images and videos and embedding them into MySpace, eBay, Xanga, Friendster, LiveJournal, and Neopets.

According to Nielsen/Netratings, Photobucket was the fastest growing website of 2005. Over 65,000 users are signing up for Photobucket per day and over 50 billion images are being downloaded per month.

Photobucket offers 1GB of free storage and offers 10GB of bandwidth. For $25/year, Photobucket offers 5GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth. One of Photobucket’s best known products is their slideshow service:

The founders of Photobucket are Alex Welch and Darren Crystal. Both Alex and Darren have spent three years creating Photobucket. Prior to creating Photobucket, Alex and Darren worked together at Level 3 Communications. Alex graduated from Colorado State University and Darren graduated from the University of Texas-Austin.

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