Pluck To Connect Traditional Media With Social Media

Posted Nov 28, 2007

Pluck Corporation sent out a press release stating that traditional media companies will be able to link their web sites to social networks, MySpace and Facebook.  “If I comment on a story about the presidential primary, the story itself is going to be noted on my Facebook profile, and so is the comment I made,” stated Pluck CEO, Dave Panos.

USA Today,,, Better Homes, and Fox News are some of Pluck’s clients.  The new initiative also gives Facebook and MySpace users a way to expose their interests in current events.  And between MySpace and Facebook, there are over 165 million users that will have access to Pluck’s new service.

“If you’re a media company, you’re now attracting more users to your site,” stated Panos. “For them, I think it’s about reaching a broader audience, and maybe a younger demographic.”

Reuters invested $7 million in Pluck last year.  Facebook users will have access to the service in early 2008 and participants in Google OpenSocial (including MySpace) will have access to Pluck’s service starting in mid-2008.