Possible Upcoming YouTube Traffic Surge Via March Madness?

Posted Feb 28, 2007

March Madness, U.S. college students’ favorite time of the year, is rapidly approaching and people are preparing to make bets on their brackets. CSTV, a division of CBS has been proactively finding ways to get students on the information superhighway to show off their intensity of rivalry for their schools. This is solved by means of video-supporting websites, CBS’ YouTube Channel and CSTV’s own website called Post Up.

Some of the sample videos already running on CSTV includes a man claiming, “Iâ??m the Ba-baller here to represent San Diego State.”  And another man representing the University of Nevada-Las Vegas responded by saying, “You canâ??t get past the Running Rebels.”

CBS paid $6 billion for the coverage rights to the NCAA tournament between 2003-2014.  Video clips submitted will be checked for profanity.  CSTV video search is powered by America Online.  Below is a screen shot of the CSTV Post Up website:

Viacom was also in the process of negotiating a deal with YouTube, but the deal went sour, so Viacom turned to Joost.  The outcome was thousands of videos with Viacom-sponsored content forced to be removed from YouTube.