Properazzi: Europe’s First Property Search Engine

Posted Mar 22, 2007

For the past couple months, I’ve been covering Quintura, a search engine that utilizes tag clouds and was backed by Mangrove Capital Partners (an early investor in Skype).  Properazzi, a new property search engine has launched and is also funded by Mangrove.  Properazzi has 1.8 million properties listed in 45 different European countries.

The idea behind the site is to get a general understanding of real estate and potentially purchase property in the selected European countries.  You can set your minimum and maximum prices in 92 different currencies and also search within the country or city for property that is on sale or for rent.  As a test, I searched for property that has swimming pools in London:

The result was that properties in London with swimming pools were found and listed in the screen shot above.  Another feature in the website is the ability to set the distance range in which you want property listings to be searched using the radar.  The radius is set in kilometers.  The map in which you set the radius is powered by a Google Maps API. 

After the property listings are generated, you can filter through it by relevance to the keywords inputted, newest properties added, lowest priced, and highest priced.  There is also a property type filter selection option so you can sort out houses, plots, bungalows, apartments, townhouses, etc.  Once you click on the links associated with the property, you will be redirected to the website that contains the property information and can always return to the previous results because a Properazzi frame remains.

What makes this Properazzi’s investment so interesting is that it is unchartered territory.  I have not heard of any other investment company funding websites that focus on European real estate.  With the advantage of being first-to-market, I believe Properazzi has lots of potential.  I heard about Properazzi from Tom Dibaja, Outreach Specialist of Properazzi.