Pulse 2.0 Now Officially Sphere’d

Posted Jan 29, 2007

Pulse 2.0 has grown quite substantially in the last 3 months and has been a source for centralized technology information. I’m a regular reader of GigaOM and I began to notice the sphere widget added to their website. When you click on Sphere, an AJAX pop-up will appear listing other blogs that have recently written about similar topics. This is an amazing way to gather information, so I applied to have our blog posts powered by Sphere too.

Yesterday night, I received an e-mail from Sphere Founder and CEO, Tony Conrad providing us the installation code for the widget and with a letter thanking us for partnering with them. This is great news for Pulse 2.0 readers because now if you’re interested in the topics that we write about, you can easily find more information by clicking on the Sphere It button at the bottom of every blog post. After receiving this e-mail from Mr. Conrad, I gained so much more respect for Sphere since we are being directly contacted by the Founder and would highly recommend Sphere.com for all your blog searching needs.

When comparing Sphere.com to Google Blog Search, it appears that blogs have to be submitted for approval to be included in Sphere whereas Google Blog Search even picks up tons of spam blogs.

Check out a sample of information gathered by Sphere’s widget. In the last post I wrote about LinkedIn vs. Facebook. Check out the results that you get using the Sphere widget:

No spam there.  You will notice that the source of the related articles come from credible sources (ZDNet and VH1).  Even the TIME Magazine website is Sphere’d.  Pulse 2.0 has joined an elite force of web companies that have been officially Sphere’d and we’re definetely proud of that.  For more information on Sphere, refer to the Sphere team blog.