Q&A Community, Qwizzy Opens Beta Platform

Posted Sep 19, 2007

Qwizzy is the epitome of simplicity. What is the idea behind Qwizzy? Grow a community around you and answer the questions that other users have about you. Each user gets their own page and a widget can be generated around these users that contain questions posed and answers provided. These widgets can be embedded on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, WordPress, TypePad and many others.

Currently, Qwizzy is privately funded and the company went in open Beta two weeks ago. The official launch will take place in November. “For social media users, its a way to extend your static, boring profiles with things that people really want to know about you. For everyone else, it’s a fun quiz tool and a great way to meet new people,” stated Adam Ostrow, co-creator of Qwizzy. Ostrow is also a writer on popular social network blog, Mashable. Being a writer for Mashable gives Ostrow a natural advantage as well–he researches social networks and media on a daily basis.

The question to be asked here is whether Qwizzy would be a value-add to a blog or profile page.

My answer is that for right now, the widget runs quite slow.  When I pulled up a sample profile that has the widget built in, Firefox told me that it was causing Adobe Flash to run slow and whether it wanted me to Stop the Script.  So there are some tweaks left to fix.  After the tweaks are fixed, I would highly consider embedding Qwizzy on my blog since it encourages a real-time Twitter-like interaction with readers.

Ostrow’s Qwizzy page is available at: http://www.qwizzy.com/adam.  Peter, the other co-creator of Qwizzy has a profile page at: http://www.qwizzy.com/peter.  An example of Qwizzy embedded on a MySpace page is available at: http://www.myspace.com/pfranza.  And last of all, Qwizzy as a user directory available at: http://qwizzy.com/index.php?tab=ViewUserIndex.