Quintura for Kids Now Live

Posted Dec 19, 2006

Quintura, one of the latest search engines that utilizes tag cloud technology has released a new service that is for the kids called Quintura Kids.  About a month ago, I wrote about how Quintura is partially funded by Mangrove Capital Partners (an early investor of Skype).  Yakov Sadchikov is the co-founder and CEO of Quintura.  The tag cloud allows kids to find results faster and efficiently.

As shown below, the tag cloud suggests to kids what many other kids are searching for which include “Science” and “Sports.”  When you place the mouse over certain tags, then several other sub-tags are opened as well.

Some of the tags that appeared when I placed the mouse over “Science” included Machines, Magazines, Computer, Museums and Encyclopedia.  You’ll notice that there are several icons spread over the UI that users can click on in the above screenshot that leads the user to certain keywords as well.  The handheld console icon above routes the user to “Games” and the picture of the dog routes the user to “Animals.”

Quintura Kids answers the problem that many other search engines are lacking: Preventing children from accidentally finding themselves among obscene material.  Many search engines have several level of filters to prevent children from discovering obscene material, but generally these filters do not work every time.  If you have a child with their own personal computer and want to take a little precaution, I’d set Quintura Kids as their homepage.