Quintura Raises Additional Funding From Mangrove

Posted Jun 24, 2007

Quintura[1], a visual search engine company that has won numerous awards for alternative search engines by various sources, has raised additional funding. Over the past few months, Quintura has unleashed a partnership with Blinkx[2] and created Quintura for Kids[3].

“Since our first meeting in Spring 2006, we have really enjoyed working with the team of Mangrove Capital on our challenge to beat Google. We came to a mutual decision on raising new funding entirely from Mangrove,” stated Yakov Sadchikov, the co-founder and CEO of Quintura. “We plan to use the capital to scale the Quintura affiliate model for site search and build a semantic web index using our neural networking techniques.”

Major search engines are starting to become vulnerable. Yahoo!’s CEO resigned and the company is still finding ways to prevent flustering. Google is monopolizing the search market and their corporate “don’t be evil” policies seems to be diminishing as the company tracks user activity through products such as Search History. People are finding it difficult to distinguish the difference between MSN and Live. And Ask.com is depending on creative marketing to retain market-share. This is the perfect time for alternative search engines to innovate.

Upcoming products from Quintura includes Quintura for Women and an API that will allow users to embed a search engine with Quintura’s tag cloud search to replace site maps.  Quintura’s tag cloud search idea is unique and innovative.  However, the homepage could probably use a redesign.

The homepage is the glue that keeps users sticking to the site. Today, Google.com looks like Live.com which looks like Ask.com.  MSN looks like Yahoo!, which looks like AOL.com.  We need something different!  Quintura is off to a great start.

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