Real Estate/Life In The City Blog Network, Curbed Raises $1.5 Million

Posted Oct 30, 2007

Curbed is a New York, NY-based real estate network blog that focuses on local events and architecture.  The blog network raised $1.5 million recently from a plethora of investors including Nick Denton (founder of Gawker Media), Zach Nelson (CEO of NetSuite), Joanne Wilson (wife of Fred Wilson, author of A VC blog), and Brad Inman (founder/publisher of Inman News). 

Curbed was founded by Lockart Steele and he is a former managing editor of Gawker Media.  Steele founded Curbed before working for Gawker, but went back to working for Curbed after leaving Gawker.

“We’re not just about real estate,” stated Steele.  “People come to the site to talk about their neighborhoods and about life in the city.”  Some of Curbed’s advertisers include American Express and Volkswagen.

The New York Times’ Dan Mitchell broke the news of the funding.