Real Girls Media Network gets $6 million

Posted Nov 16, 2006

Real Girls Media Network, a San Francisco based startup that focuses on user generated content for women, has raised $6 million in a funding round led by 3i and WaldenVC. The network plans to launch three websites aimed at the female demographic within the next few months. The sites will be aimed at teenagers, the 18-25 demographic, and the 25 to 54 demographic. This $6 million will be used to complete development on the networkâ??s first website,

According to David Silverman, a partner with 3i, around 57% of online users are women. So considering the fact that a vast majority of online destinations cater to men, a network of sites for women could see tremendous growth. The fact that iVillage was acquired for $600 million last March by NBC proves that the online female demographic has potential. Even this yearâ??s Harvard Business School business plan contest winner was a Chinese social network that caters to women.

â??Our unique offering allows real voices to publish like professional writers. We have invested in our proprietary technology to provide a simple process to enable access to the highest end publishing environments to women of all views, walks of life, and experiences,” said Kate Everett Thorp, CEO of Real Girls Media Network.

By focusing on user generated content, Real Girls Media Network will be offering women online destinations with a Web 2.0 twist. iVillage and other sites that cater to women have been around for some time now so its time for new players with fresh perspectives and technology to come into the market.

I would like to see more Web 2.0 websites and startups that cater to women. I may consider doing a roundup of the ones that currently exist.