Recent Tech Funding: Voxpop, OutSpark, HyperText Solutions, RoofTop Comedy, The Onion News Network, Crush or Flush, Glimpse

Posted Mar 24, 2007

VoxPop Network Corporation is based in San Francisco, CA.  Voxpop is an online entertainment company which is short for Vox Populi (“voice of the people” in Latin). is a contest website startup that has basketball conference contests and also publishes its games on third party websites such CBS Radio and Entertainment Weekly. The investor is David Shen and he is a former VP of User Experience and Design Team at Yahoo! for 8 years. Other companies that Shen has funded in include Outspark Inc. (see below)Meetro Inc., Search Physics Inc., and Fanlib Inc. 
Some of the featured games on Voxpop include:
Logo Showdown, a game where you choose and vote for your favorite SEC /ACC/Big 12 sports team logos and create a bracket.
Angelic Angelina, a game where you create a bracket of Angelina Jolie’s best acting movies.
– Several others that involve creating a bracket of your favorite type of sandals, handbags, Brad Pitt movie, etc.
Some of the prizes include cash and a copy of the movie that won the bracket.


Another company that was angel funded by Yahoo! alumni, David Shen is OutSpark Inc. [website currently unavailable].  Other investors include Altos Ventures and Doll Capital Management.  Outspark is expected to develop casual Adobe Flash games of all types.  OutSpark Inc. is currently in “stealth mode.”

Hypertext Solutions, LLC considers itself, “the first Internet application to tap the potential of ‘intelligent’ data on the Web.”  Steve Hall of Vulcan Capital is an investor.  The company is actively seeking computer engineers in the areas of A.I., data mining, and JavaScript.

Rooftop Comedy is a San Francisco, CA based company that has recently raised angel funding.  The company won the the award for best investment idea at Investorfest 2006.  The company was created and run by Will Rogers, former Senior Vice President of Icon Medialab’s Web Development group.  RooptopComedy has been partnering with comedy clubs in different areas to put their skits online.  They include Funny Bone (St. Louis, MO), Go Bananas (Cincinnati, OH), Crackers Comedy Club (Indianapolis, IN), San Francisco Comedy Club (San Francisco, CA), and Chicago Underground Comedy (Chicago, IL). is taking their parody news services to the world of video.  The company invested $1 million into the idea of the Onion News Network (ONN) and will be a parody of news program channel, CNN (The Cable News Network).  Below is a video teaser of the upcoming programming:



IceBreaker a Seattle based mobile software company that outsources development to Beijing, China.  IceBreaker Inc. is the parent company of Crush or Flush which was launched on January 16, 2007 with the purpose of providing a way to flirt, chat, and meet people with similar interests in your area on mobile phones.  When browsing Crush or Flush on your mobile phone, you can click on “crush” if you think the profile picture is attractive or “flush” if you think that the profile picture is not very aesthetic.Investors of Crush or Flush are several angel investors and Lightspeed Venture Partners. The founders of Crush or Flush are Michael Robinson and Eric Hennings, both former Microsoft employees.  Robinson has previously created a website in China called renren Media.  renren Media has previous funding by News Corp. is a website for centralizing fashion shopping offers.  The target audience of is for women that shop at stores such as Banana Republic, eLuxury, Macy’s, DKNY, etc.  The company was founded by Frank Han (general manager of, Jane Saltzman (Executive Vice President in Creative and Merchandising at Discovery Channel), and Steve Lemon (Vice President at Symantec).  The amount of funding is not disclosed, but is supposedly a large amount.  The funding was provided by Greylock Partners and Redpoint Ventures.


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