Rumor: Feedburner To Be Acquired For $100 Million by Google

Posted May 23, 2007

Sam Sethi, a former TechCrunch U.K. editor heard from a very trusted source that Google will be buying Feedburner to get into the RSS ad market[1]. The delay in closing the deal and announcing it is because the DoubleClick deal is still processing.

Because a lot of people just read summaries of blog posts and new stories on RSS-powered homepages such as NetVibes and PageFlakes, potential customers may not see the advertisements embedded within websites since it doesn’t show up. Since Feedburner has a program that allows publishers to embed advertisements within RSS feeds and collect commission from clicks, Google has taken an interest in the company.

The deal has not yet been confirmed by Google, but has been confirmed by TechCrunch[2]. The amount is worth $100 million and will be in cash. The founders will work for Google for a couple of years and the transaction should be completed within 2-3 weeks.

The company had 2 rounds of funding: $1 million Series A by Portage Ventures[3] and $9 million Series B funding from Mobius Venture Capital[4] and Union Square Ventures[5].

Many blogs and publishing companies route their own XML RSS feeds to be powered by Feedburner. This way companies can collect statistics on which RSS feeds for stories and/or blog posts are the most popular among readers. Pulse 2.0 is no exception. Our RSS feed URL is: [6]. Don’t forget to subscribe to us. Congratulations to Feedburner founders: Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Matt Shobe, Steve Olechowski.

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[6] Pulse 2.0 RSS Feed