Rupert Murdoch’s TV shows Now Live On Demand

Posted Jan 19, 2007

I believe it was Apple that was selling TV shows for $0.99-$2.99 per episode first. Then came Google Video and various others. Now Indian programs are for sale on Rupert Murdoch’s under four different channels: Comedy, Drama, Celebrity, and Kids. Most of the TV content is under Star TV (another asset of Murdoch’s).

At first I thought this is great for Indian-Americans, other Indians abroad, and those interested in Indian programs because my parents are constantly watching such Indian programs on TV through international channels such as Sony TV and B4U. But then I doubt that my parents would pay for individual episodes and watch it on a computer. But then again, definitely provides a good alternative to TV though and since everyone else is doing it, why not? is also working to bring documentaries, music videos, current news, and even movies as part of the download-to-own service. One of the competitors of includes

There are currently 3 million broadband subscribers in India out of a population of a billion.