Schoolfizz: Rank Stories Submitted By Students

Posted Dec 9, 2006

Schoolfizz has recently announced Beta 1.0, which is social network for colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools within the United States to see what is “fizzing” at these various schools. What is a ‘Fizz?’ ‘Fizz It’ is the equivalent of “Digg It” for articles on, which are user-generated points assigned to certain articles. The difference between Digg and Schoolfizz’s articles are that Schoolfizz articles are submitted by students only.

According to Mashable, users may create profile pages with profile pictures and can share stories publicly or just with fellow students.

Here is a screen shot of the navigation for Schoolfizz:

‘Now Fizzing’ are the stories that are voted popular enough to be added to the front page of Schoolfizz. Within the ‘Now Fizzing’ page, there is an internal page called ‘Starting to Fizz,’ which displays recently submitted stories. To submit stories, users must create an account, click on ‘Add Fizz’ and fill out the header information for these stories. Users can also submit videos, photos, and other music pages.

Schoolfizz has thousands of schools to select from in every state in the United States. In the ‘Find a School’ menu, users can search for keywords or States. Once you select the school of your choice, the page for these schools would display stories submitted by students from that school. Users are also allowed to join the networks of these various schools. If for some reason your school is not added, you could click on ‘Submit a School’ and Schoolfizz will confirm whether it exists or not or add it to the Schoolfizz index of schools.

In the ‘My Friendz’ page, users can add friends by clicking on a user and viewing their profile. Under the user profile section, you will be able to add this user as a friend by clicking on ‘Add to MyFriendz.’ To view stories submitted by these friends, when the user names are added in the ‘My Friendz’ section, you click on that user name and it will display the stories submitted by this user.

‘Fizzmeisters’ are the top rankings of users on Schoolfizz. Scores are given to each user based on the ratio of the stories that the users submit, the popularity of the users, and the number of comments that the users submit. Rankings are given to each school as well. If a story is submitted that is offensive, there is a ‘Problem?’ link that can be selected and the editor of Schoolfizz will be notified and will decide whether the story should be removed.

Every story that was ‘fizzed’ belongs to certain categories such as Health, Parties, Fashion, Sports, Events, Music, etc. There are also certain types of ‘fizzes’ such as Reviews, Previews, Humor, Confessions, and Sightings.

According to Pete Cashmore of Mashable, Schoolfizz is based in Colombus, Ohio and launched on December 7, 2006. However, I was not able to find information regarding the names of the founders.