Searchme Labs Launches Wikiseek Community Edition

Posted Mar 10, 2007

Yesterday, all of the Wikiseek Beta Testers received an e-mail from John Holland, Chief Marketing Officer of Searchme, Inc. that Wikiseek: Community Edition was launched.  Wikiseek was launched around January.  The company that created Wikiseek is called SearchMe and is based in Palo Alto, CA.  The company had raised $5 million in funding for its projects by Sequoia Capital.

Wikiseek is a search engine for Wikipedia and was made with assistance and permission from Wikipedia.  Wikiseek features tag clouds for the search as well.  Below is a screenshot of a search for Tourette’s:

Wikiseek: Community Edition claims itself as “the worldâ??s first wiki-based community-editable search engine.”  However, I believe that Jimmy Wales’ for-profit Search Wikia which is also an open source user-editable was the first.  Using Wikiseek: Community Edition, all users would be empowered to:

1. You may add more relevant sites to these search results.
2. You can change the order of search results to promote sites that are more relevant, or demote sites that are less relevant.
3. You can also remove site that are not relevant, and remove sites that are spam.

There are feedback forums for Wikiseek: Community Edition on Wikia.