Senior Social Network, Eons Raises $22 Mill

Posted Mar 6, 2007

Jeff Taylor has had quite a track-record with Internet success. First Taylor founded Monster Board now known as, the largest job search web site that has over 41 million resumes in its database and has a market cap of $6.12 billion. Then in August of 2005, Taylor left and started Eons, Inc., a web site for seniors. Today, Eons Inc. announced that the company has raised $22 million in venture financing.

The investment is brought in by Charles River Ventures, Intel Capital, and Humana. The previous investors of Eons Inc. are General Catalyst Partners and Sequoia Capital who invested $10 million.

“ThereĆ¢??s emerging positive attention around the fact that boomers are using the web not just for email and photo-sharing, but day-to-day activities,” said Jeff Taylor. “There are 88 million people over 50 in the United States and half of them are online.”

Eons Inc. features group associations, blogging tools, games, family & friend content, financial advice, fitness and wellness advice, and a feature to share life dreams and life stories. There is a new feature called Travel sponsored by Hyatt that list deals for various locations around the world including Italy, Alaska, and Costa Rica.

Eons Inc.’s search is powered by cRANKy, “the first age-relevant search engine.” The announcement was made official by Eon’s press release.