Share Your Emotions With I Rate My Day!

Posted Apr 13, 2007

I Rate My Day! is a social network where users are encouraged to describe how they are feeling that day.  The company was founded by D2Soft Technologies.  D2Soft Technologies Inc. is based in Montreal, Canada.

This website is an instant blogging tool and serves the purpose of displaying feelings using visual representations:

I Rate My Day! is also Windows Vista widget compatible.  There is a world map that displays how people are feeling around the world on the website itself.  Here is what it looks like for today:

While there are alternatives to I Rate My Day! such as Twitter, Benjamin Bérubé is not worried.  Bérubé, founder of D2Soft Technologies believes that this is not bad news because it proves that the concept works.  Other reasons why both Twitter and I Rate My Day! have potential is because people are getting more connected through the Internet, traditional blogging may not be as fun as before, and because people want fast results.