Shozam!: Showcase, Share, and Sell Your Photography

Posted Apr 11, 2007

I was recently notified about a new product created by Komotion, a digital media company.  The new product is called Shozam! and it allows users to create galleries of pictures online and offline.  There are a few themes, geo tagging via Google Maps, and the ability to embed advertisements with Google AdSense.  I wanted to find out how easy it was so I downloaded the Beta software from the website.

There are several editions of Shozam!: Lite, Express, Advanced, and Business.  The Business edition is the one that is currently available for free Beta testing.  There are several steps to setting up Shozam!.  The first step is deciding whether you want to create a new web gallery or modify an existing web gallery:

The 2nd step is to Add Media from your hard drive or from online sources.  Video widgets can be added.  The 2nd step is also where you geo-tag your images and set-up an images for sale or other content for sale.  This is also where you input PayPal e-mail address so that you can accept payments.

The third step is the Albums section.  You can arrange albums, create and delete albums, and edit album pages.

The fourth step is to choose a theme.  The options are Blackout Basic, Whiteout Basic, Slide Puzzle Gold, Sapphire Fade In, Spotlight Subdued, and Spotlight Vivid:

The fifth step gives you a summary of how many albums, images, audio, and video files that you have in your gallery.  This is also the section where you can input your AdSense code so that you can monetize from your photo galleries.  This is also where you generate your web gallery website files.

The last step is to input the FTP information where you want to upload your files.  Shozak! has a free 2MB testing server to preview what the website would look like when it is online.

Shozam!’s software really does make it easy for photographer’s to get their images online.  I also like the fact that the software makes it simple to get AdSense advertisements on the website as well as connect pictures to PayPal accounts.  This software definetely looks out for the need for photographer’s to make money for their work. 

I have used other image gallery software as well, but Shozam! seems like it is the easiest.  Although it is not as flashy as imageVue, this is definetely a great tool to get something online fast and make money from it.